Other Services

Campbell Federal Credit Union wants to help you manage your financial affairs simply. We offer the following sgiftcard_checkbalanceervices:

  • Gift Gards—Visa Gift Cards may be purchased for $2.50 each in values from $10 up to $1,000.  They can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted, including online purchases.  Visa Gift Cards are available for purchase at the following offices: Main Office in Maple Shade, NJ, WHQ office, Napoleon, OH office, or Maxton, NC office.
  • Notary Services—Notary services are available to members at our main office in Maple Shade, NJ or in the Campbell Soup WHQ office. When you need your signature witnessed, just stop by either of these offices to have your signature notarized at no charge. Remember: DO NOT sign any papers that need to be notarized until you come into the office, since the notary cannot witness a signature not signed in his/her presence.
  • Signature Guarantee—Campbell FCU will provide a signature guarantee at our main office in Maple Shade, NJ or our Campbell Soup WHQ location. Member must be present to have signature guaranteed.
  • Discount Brokerage—The credit union has partnered with UBS to offer our members brokerage services at a discount. When you are looking to get the most out of your investment portfolio, wouldn’t it make sense to consider working with someone who has been nationally recognized as an industry leader, who has successfully guided organizations and individuals to realize their goals? Contact UBS for more information at www.ubs.com/team/cuag.

The Credit Union Advisory Group at UBS
184 Liberty Corner Rd
Warren, NJ 07059
908-470-6297 fax

  • Bank-by-Mail—We can process most transactions by mail. If you prefer to bank by mail, we will gladly provide you with postage-paid envelopes. Call us at 1-800-257-5354 or email us at memberservices@campbellcu.org for a supply.
  • Money Orders/Cashier’s Checks—Funds for these checks are immediately withdrawn from the member’s account. Money orders and cashier’s checks may be requested in person or by mail. A $0.50 fee is charged if the cashier’s check is made payable to the member and a third party. A fee of $2.00 is charged for third party money orders or cashier’s check.