Bill Payer

Financial agility, 24/7

BillPayer is an electronic service that allows our members to pay bills over the Internet through electronic funds transfer or paper checks.  Members can pay bills from the comfort of their own or any PC.

To pay your bills online, you simply add the companies and people you want to pay. You can pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit.

You can use BillPayer to:

  • Pay several bills at once or make one-time payments at the Payment Center.
    You can also view your pending and recent payments.
  • Receive some of your bills online at the Payment Center.
    We can receive electronic bills from hundreds of billers nationwide.
  • Set up automatic payments to pay your electronic bills or to automatically schedule payments of a set amount at regular intervals.
  • Review your bills and payments for the past 24 months.
  • Transfer money between payment accounts that you set up in BillPayer.