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Data security remains our top priority. Working together, we can protect your transactions and prevent potential losses.

Fraudsters continue to reinvent how they deceive us, including our debit transactions. To fight fraud, take steps to protect your Debit Card and sign for the transaction whenever possible instead of entering your PIN.

Be proactive: 

Watch your card carefully during any transaction, sign for the transaction, and contact us immediately if you suspect your card or account may have been compromised. 

Report a lost or stolen Debit Card ASAP by calling 866-529-1575.

We will lock your account immediately to prevent unauthorized use — before charges can be made or you experience a loss. Notifying us quickly makes a difference. 

For example, if fraudulent charges occur, you have two business days to contact us before you experience a loss of funds. If it’s after two days but less than 60, your potential for loss increases, and you could be liable for up to $500. If you wait for more than 60 days, you could be out all of the money — including from other sources linked to your Debit Card. Prompt action is your best protection.

Sign for the transaction for enhanced security. 

When you sign for a transaction, it’s protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Purchase Protection. The transaction also goes through Visa’s credit channel, which offers greater security and doesn’t leave the balance of your Checking funds open to fraudsters if a breach occurs.

Contact us if you suspect your card number has been stolen or you see a suspicious transaction. We’ll work quickly to recover any stolen funds if you need to make a claim.

Track transactions and balances.

By monitoring transactions daily within Online and Mobile Banking, you have a chance to stop fraud in its tracks. Watch for accuracy in the amounts clearing and ensure the correct vendor is listed. You can also enroll in Debit Card Alerts, which notify you of balance fluctuations or transactions clearing. 

And always be security-conscious when using your card: 

  • Shop only at trusted online sites (look for ‘https’ or a padlock in the URL).
  • Avoid storing card information online, even at trusted shopping sites.
  • Take care at gas pumps, POS (point of sale) terminals, and ATMs.

If we suspect fraud on your account:

Sometimes fraud can occur without you noticing. Another step we take is watching for fraud on the backend of operations. Our security processes monitor your accounts for fraud 24/7, and if we see unusual activity, we may call and ask if the charges are legitimate. Or we could freeze your account while we investigate the transaction in question. 

That’s why we ask that you notify us before traveling. It allows us to unlock geographic areas for your Debit Card so that you can make purchases without interruption.

We take account security seriously.

If your account is compromised, resulting in a loss of funds or a negative balance, ask for help. We want to ensure your finances are protected and you have the necessary resources. Contact us immediately if you suspect fraud or your Debit Card is lost or stolen. Banking should always be easy and hassle-free; we’re here to make sure that it’s also safe and secure.