Have you forgotten about something? Accounts with no Financial activity in 2023 will be assessed a $25 Inactive Account Fee on 12/31/2023.  To avoid this fee simply make a transaction before the end of the year.


Recent Banking News

In light of the recent news about the stability of the banking industry, we would like to assure our members that the Campbell Federal Credit Union is well capitalized and continues to have a strong balance sheet with robust cash reserves.  Please know that it is safe to have your money deposited with us.  In addition to our strong financial policies and reserve position, share deposits are insured by the NCUA, the national governing body for federal credit unions.  NCUA insures and regulates credit unions in a similar manner to what FDIC does for banks.  Please reach out to our member service representatives (1-800-257-5354) with any questions or concerns, and know that we are proud and committed to being your primary financial services provider.