Visa Check & ATM Cards

Visa Check Card–The ultra-convenient Visa Check Card looks like a credit card, but it acts like a check and can be used as an ATM card. It is accepted for payment anywhere Visa is accepted and can be used as an ATM card in any STAR or PLUS ATM.  It is available with any Campbell Employees FCU Checking Account.

For Purchases: Simply present your Visa Check Card at the time of purchase. The amount of the purchase will be directly deducted from your credit union checking account and you will receive a receipt of the transaction for your record keeping. (Always remember to write the amount in your checkbook register.)

For ATM Transactions: Use STAR or PLUS network ATM.

ATM Card–Our ATM Card gives you access to your Checking and Savings Account 24 hours a day!

Campbell Employees FCU is a member of the STAR and PLUS ATM networks to give our members nationwide access. Members can transfer funds or withdraw from either their Checking or Regular Savings Account at any STAR or PLUS network machine nationwide.

STAR cardholders are allowed 4 free STAR withdrawals and 2 free PLUS withdrawals per month. A transaction fee of $.55 is charged for additional STAR withdrawals and $.95 for additional PLUS withdrawals. This transaction fee is waived if you maintain $2,000 in your Regular Savings Account.

A $1.00 monthly fee is charged for each account having ATM card access.